News 22.5.2012PETER THERMAN APPOINTED AS PRESIDENT AND CEO OF KARELIA-UPOFLOORMr. Peter Therman, MSc, (44) has been appointed as President and CEO of Karelia-Upofloor Oy as from May 26th 2012.Peter Therma




Mr. Peter Therman, MSc, (44) has been appointed as President and CEO of Karelia-Upofloor Oy as from May 26th 2012.

Peter Therman has been member of the Board of Directors of Karelia-Upofloor since 2010 and since Feb 18th 2011 he has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors has chosen Mr. Bertel Langenskiöld (CEO
of Hartwall Capital Oy Ab) as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors.

"I want to thank Mikko Kilpeläinen, the former CEO of Karelia-Upofloor, for his valuable efforts on behalf of the company during difficult times. Through his hard work and persistence Mikko has turned the negative trend into positive growth. This is a good start" says Peter Therman.

Karelia-Upofloor Oy

Board of Directors

Bertel Langenskiöld
Chairman of the Board of Directors



Karelia-Upofloor combining its hardwood and resilient flooring operations

Karelia-Upofloor Oy is systematically striving to increase its market share in all of its main markets. In the same connection, the company is streamlining its business operations model and improving administrative efficiency. Beginning next year, Karelia-Upofloor will consist of four clear geographical and commercial entities:

- Finland and the Baltic Countries
- Russia and CIS countries
- Scandinavia
- International Projects

At the same time, the structures of the former hardwood and resilient flooring operations will be merged. The new business areas will be responsible for the company's profitability and market position.

"Our new organisational model provides us with superb prerequisites to further strengthen our positions in all our main market areas," says Karelia-Upofloor's CEO Mikko Kilpeläinen, explaining the basis for the changes. "Combining the hardwood and resilient flooring operations will help us make the most of our resources. The restructuring will enable us to fully utilise the synergetic benefits we have at our disposal and further enhance productivity."

Further information:
Karelia-Upofloor Oy / CEO Mikko Kilpeläinen
Tel. +358 (0)50 542 5884


Saima Design -hardwood floor has won the red dot design 2009 award

Saima won the renowned red dot design award with the Wirkkala and Raita models. Karelia-Upofloor launched new colours along the Saima Classic at the beginning of the year; such as the grey colour originally designed by the famous Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala. Design Director Pekka Toivanen and a Helsinki-based design company Muotohiomo have participated in the design of the renewed Saima family.

red dot is the world's largest and most respected design award. The 2009 awards were sought by more than 3.300 submissions from 49 countries. An international jury reviews and evaluates the submitted products according to criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality and the formal quality. This ensures the seriousness of the competition and its international acceptance. An annually changing constellation of the group of jurors, which is made up of renowned designers and design experts from all over the world guarantees a high degree of objectivity and reliability. The jurors reach their decisions independently and impartially. The award is as a seal of quality; it stands for membership of the best in design and business.

Many possibilities of the Design Classic hardwood floor

Saima's slat-patterned surface, based on Aino and Alvar Aalto's design, creates an exceptionally rich, wood ambience in a room. Tapio Wirkkala took an interest in the Saima hardwood floor in the 1980's and influenced its product design. He wanted to create a new uniquely deep grey colour for Saima and defined it as "Beehive grey" and the material as solidly coloured. Thanks the trough-dying, the floor stays beautiful for a long time and if resanding is needed, the original colour is retained. Thanks to the many laying patterns and colour options, Saima can be used to create individual and unique floor designs. Saima is also suitable for walls and ceilings.

Thanks to its special structure, Saima uniquely reflects light and the colours of any room. Raita, Wirkkala and the cocnag brown Ruska are made of through-dyed birch veneer. Their colour reflect light in the same unique way as the original Saima Classic. Saima Lumi is a white matt lacquered hardwood floor.

What is red dot?

In previous year there have been even more than 11.000 submissions. The award is divided into the "red dot award: product design", the "red dot award: communication design" and the "red dot award: design concept." Saima participated in category 10: Architecture and interior design, which comprises of designs from interior decoration and building materials to computers; production facilities to laboratory equipment; cars to mobile phones.

More information on the red dot award:

More on Saima: R&D Manager Kyösti Puurunen,, tel +358-40-849 5525.

Design Director Pekka Toivanen,,



Karelia -Upofloor Ltd is one of the leading flooring producers in Europe. The main products of the group are Karelia and Upofloor branded hardwood and resilient floorings. Karelia-Upofloor group comprises five production units in Finland, one factory in Russia and one in Rumania. Our products are exported to around 40 countries. The main markets are the Nordic countries, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, the USA and Japan. Net sales in 2007 was 128,8 million euro and today the group has around 950 employees.


Karelia-Upofloor believes in added value created by design

Karelia-Upofloor Ltd has a long history of investing in design in the development of the Saima family of hardwood flooring, a range of products that meets the needs of today's designers and consumers both technically and aesthetically.

Karelia-Upofloor believes in product design that is carefully integrated into production processes. Established in 2008 and located in conjunction with our Kuopio production facility, our product development lab is a unique unit in our industry, constantly developing new research, tests and product development projects.

Design is not a value in itself, but in Karelia-Upofloor's field - the flooring business - design adds entirely new values and visual impact to products, says Karelia-Upofloor's CEO Mikko Kilpeläinen. But in flooring visual impact must go deeper than the surface, as in the Saima range that features a vertical veneer structure that is both a practical and aesthetic choice. By investing in design we are part of the architectural and design value chain that ultimately benefits the users of public spaces and private homes: our well-designed product range offers an almost endless selection on which to base the creation of your own plans and dreams regarding colour and material. Without a strong design approach in our processes, we would lose this crucial ability to create the added value required by end users. And this is our ultimate aim: to process our raw materials into top design products that will sustain decades and decades of use.

- We boast a tradition of product design of which Saima is a perfect example: as early as the 1980s, Saima was an exceptionally innovative and challenging product due to its solid colouring and vertical veneer structure, says Kilpeläinen. Celebrated Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala took a keen interest in the product and was the first to use Saima in a public space - the refurbishment of the Finnish Glass Museum in Riihimäki. Wirkkala also chose Saima as the flooring for his own exhibition that toured around the world, with almost one million people worldwide stepping on the beehive grey Saima hardwood flooring designed by Wirkkala and the material standing up to the wear remarkably well.

Design Director Pekka Toivanen from Design Studio Muotohiomo has participated closely in the product development and colour design of the Saima range. Implemented with Karelia-Upofloor's technology expert and hardwood flooring structure innovator Kyösti Puurunen, the project outcome finally enables the production of the revamped Saima product family using the original solid colouring method and introducing new colours that match contemporary interiors.

For further information contact
CEO Mikko Kilpeläinen, phone +358 50 542 5884
R&D Manager Kyösti Puurunen, phone +358 40 849 5525

New Lumo Briquette - environmentally friendly heating

Karelia-Upofloor has started producing environmentally friendly high-quality heating briquettes, called Lumo Briquettes, which will be sold in the Bauhaus-chain in the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) starting in September 2008. The Lumo Briquette is available through the new Karelia-Upofloor Web Shop in Finland only.

The Lumo Briquette has been made of Finnish renewable natural resource and the wood material used in the product comes from well maintained, certified forests, which have been maintained according to the PEFC* standards. It is also more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels like oil. The Lumo Briquette is a processed fuel product, which has been pressed into a tight package from saw dust generated by hardwood floor manufacturing.

The advantages of Lumo Briquette in heating:

Briquette has many advantages compared to firewood

  • High energy content
  • Small emissions
  • Small need for storage space
  • Less ashes per produced energy
  • The efficiency coefficient of the heating unit improves
  • Less visible combustion gases are born due to the low moisture percentage

Karelia-Upofloor growing international in hands of the Hartwall family

Hartwall Capital Oy Ab and Karelia Finland Oy have agreed on the acquisition of all Karelia Upofloor Oy shares owned by the latter.  Karelia Finland's ownership was 33.3 percent. After the acquisition Hartwall Capital and its stakeholders own ninetynine percent of the group. They became shareholders of Karelia-Upofloor flooring group already in 2004. Karelia Finland Oy is owned by Heikki Väänänen and his family.

Karelia-Upofloor is at present in a transitional period towards intensive international activities and growth which will naturally require further additional capital from the owners. The company's investments in hardwood flooring business in Finland, Russia and Rumania are proceeding as planned.

The Hartwall family has to withdraw this spring from their traditional brewery business invest-ment thus enabling them to increase their investment in Karelia-Upofloor. ‘We find Karelia-Upofloor a very interesting company which has good opportunities especially in Russia. We believe that wood will increase its popularity as a flooring material', says Erik Hartwall, Hartwall Capital's Chairman of the Board.

Heikki Väänänen will soon have forty years behind on the hardwood flooring business, nearly thirty of them as an entrepeneur. After his life's succesful work he does not want to take the extensive challenge which the strong growth represents for him as an owner, nor to prevent the growth of a company which has already reached quite much.

As the shareholder agreement made in 2004 with Hartwall Capital enabled this year for the first time to sell the shares he considered the time to be suitable for giving up his ownership in the company. He will be elected a member of Karelia-Upofloor's Board of directors, thus bringing his long experience of the international hardwood and flooring markets to the  the Board.

Additional information:

Hartwall Capital Oy Ab
Managing director Klaus Grönbärj                                   

Karelia Finland Oy
Chairman of the Board Heikki Väänänen

Karelia-Upofloor to streamline operations in the order-delivery chain

Ms Erja Heiskanen, MSc (Tech) has been appointed as Logistics Director in Karelia-Upofloor's hardwood flooring business effective 21 April 2008. She brings to the Group her many years of experience garnered in logistics and delivery management duties with ABB Oy, Motors.

The Logistics Director reports to the Group CEO and serves on the management team of the hardwood flooring business. As head of the logistics unit in the hardwood flooring business, she is responsible for the development and control of the order-delivery chain. The logistics unit comprises the business functions of customer service, production control and logistics.

Marjut Kurvinen


Upofloor Oy has acquired the share capital of Laattamaailma Oy on 15 February 2008. Laattamaailma Oy is engaged in the import and sales of ceramic tiles and glass bricks in Finland. Laattamaailma's branch is located in Espoo. As a result of the transaction, Upofloor Oy will strengthen its position as Finland's market leader in flooring by offering its customers an even wider product selection. Approximately 6-7 million m2 of ceramic tiles are sold in Finland each year.

Laattamaailma Oy's owners and personnel will continue in the employ of the company.

Upofloor Oy is part of the Karelia-Upofloor Group, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of floor coverings. The Group's main products are hardwood and plastic floorings. The Group has seven production facilities in different parts of Finland as well as plants in Russia and Romania. The company exports its products to approximately 40 countries< besides Finland, the main market areas are Scandinavia, Russia, the Baltic states, Central Europe, North American and Japan. Consolidated net sales in 2006 totalled EUR 122.7 million. The number of personnel is currently approximately 1,000. Karelia-Upofloor Oy is a Finnish family company whose main shareholders are the Hartwall family and the family of Industrial Counsellor Heikki Väänänen.

Further information:

Mikko Kilpeläinen, CEO, Karelia-Upofloor Oy
Tel. +358 (0)50 542 5884

Petri Peltonen, CEO, Upofloor Oy
Tel. +358 (0)40 543 9847

Jouko Siltanen, Sales and Marketing Manager, Upofloor Oy
Tel. +358 (0)400 634 479


The board of Karelia-Upofloor has appointed CFO Mikko Kilpeläinen as the new CEO of Karelia-Upofloor on 25th of October 2007.

Mr. Kilpeläinen has worked as CFO of Karelia-Upofloor from 1st of October 2006. Before joining Karelia-Upofloor he worked several years as CFO of Finnforest Ltd. and before that three years at Coca Cola in a start-up project.

Mr. Heikki Väänänen, Chairman of the Board states that Mr. Kilpeläinen is known as a very target orientated person, with a passion for making things happen. He has the ability and courage to make decisions and he has experience in working with international teams. We are sure he will continue the development of Karelia-Upofloor in this dynamic period of growth successfully.

The new CEO Mikko Kilpeläinen sees that Karelia-Upofloor is in a very interesting phase of global growth and  he is very motivated to lead the company forward according to the expectations of our owners.

Mikko feels that there is a great spirit in the company and he has a team of professionals around him.

Please join us in wishing Mikko great success in his new position.

Karelia-Upofloor Ltd

Heikki Väänänen

Chairman of the Board